Purpose of ADMAN: The University of California, Davis Administrative Management Group (ADMAN) is a professional organization of middle managers with an impressive track record of accomplishing its goals and objectives. ADMAN has acted as a broad-based planning resource group for the administration for many years. The group is committed to enhancing the individual member’s effectiveness in their area of responsibility. ADMAN also functions as a network of peers who meet to discuss management and problem-solving issues.

What the Group Does: From its inception, ADMAN has been a vital communication link among unit managers, and between them and the central campus administration. The group, under the leadership of the Vice-chair, organizes the annual Mid-management Conference, which is focused around current topics of interest to campus managers. ADMAN has reviewed a wide variety of proposed policies, ranging from student registration matters to personnel issues, to changes in the accounting and payroll systems, and contributes to numerous campus committees. Current projects, meeting minutes and upcoming functions/events are made available on the ADMAN web page.

The majority of ADMAN's work is done by committee.  Under the direction of the Executive Board, each committee has taken a proactive stance in accomplishing its objectives.  These include the Affirmative Action, annual Mid-management Conference, Membership and various Ad Hoc Committees.  The Executive Board and the membership work hard at resolving issues, always with an eye to the future.

ADMAN has played a key advisory role with campus administrators. Since its formation, ADMAN has grown into a strong lobby for campus management issues.