ADMAN Member Application Review

The ADMAN voting process is as follows: 

Individuals who express an interest and desire to join ADMAN will submit a membership application, position description and an organizational chart to the Membership/Historian. If the Membership/Historian feels the applications are questionable, they will be sent to the Co-Chairs and Vice Chair for review to determine if the criteria have been met before the application goes out to a vote of the Board of Directors (Board) for approval/denial. Exceptions can be made and approved by the Board. Majority vote of the Board will decide if the applicant is admitted as an ADMAN member.

Before submitting the application materials for a vote, the Membership/Historian contacts the applicant's supervisor to confirm the supervisor supports the application. After the vote takes place, either the Membership/Historian or another member of the ADMAN Executive Board will contact the applicant with the final decision.