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How Fear Can Propel Your Career

Speaker:  Tracy Preciado

Do you have clarity on your career trajectory? Do you know what you value and why you want to pursue your current ambitions? The interactive workshop “How Fear Can Propel Your Career” will teach you a method of self-coaching that includes three steps to catalyzing your career by adopting a mindset for action. You will get clarity on what matters most to you, define fear in an inspirational way, and commit to acting from a place of purpose and fun.

Leveraging Your Unique Talents Through CliftonStrengths

Speaker:  Amy Shuman

Gallup research finds that people who use their CliftonStrengths are more engaged and productive at work and 3x more likely than others to have an excellent quality of life. Join in this interactive workshop to dive deeper into your Strengths Insight Report and to see the power in your unique talents and gifts. In this session you will have an opportunity for reflection as well as to learn, share and strategize with fellow participants. Use your results to maximize your potential at work and everywhere else!

Prerequisite:  Attendees need to have previously taken the CliftonStrengths assessment and should bring their top 5 Insight Report with them to the conference.

Breakout Session #2 Options

Creating YOUR Diversity Action Plan

Speaker:  Lyndon Huling

Want to become a #diversitychampion at UC Davis? This interactive workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to create their own professional development plan for diversity.

·   We will start by defining and exploring your diversity, equity, and inclusion WHY.

·   Once you have your WHY, we will work as a community of learners to identify the HOW at UC Davis. This will include trainings, events, and other opportunities to grow as an inclusive professional.

·   And finally, once you are an expert on all things diversity at UC Davis, you will create your own ACTION PLAN to grow and challenge yourself in 2019.

Reflections on Leadership and Diversity

Speaker:  Dr. Hendry Ton

Utilizing a narrative approach, the presenter will highlight principles that are important for successful servant leadership.  While these principles having underpinnings of eastern psychology and are informed by his experiences in community engagement, clinical, and diversity work, they are designed to be applicable to a broad audience.